SHARK! On A Plane!

A Boeing 737.

A 6-foot Shark.

And a camera. 

Our beloved client, Alaska Airlines has partnered with the NHL's San Jose Sharks. And "Sharkie" is piling up miles.










#sanjosesharks, #alaskairlines, #NHL



Okay.... so...
150 friends and family. CHECK.
3 kegs of beer. CHECK.
30 pounds of Meat. CHECK.
1500 naked bicyclists. CHECK.
Good times at Lenz Skerritt HQ. CHECK.

Awesome affair. Thank you all who joined us.



Brad Lenz and Tom Skerritt look on in confused bemusement as Chris Karges enjoys a beverage while lovely Mary Karges, (post-equine facial reconstruction surgery.) weeps for the bicycle seats.

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation -2016!

During his tenure at the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation our man Eddie Rehfeldt invited us to do some video for their annual letter. It dropped a few days ago - and we're just proud to be a part of it... a part of the truly significant work those people do. In this case, minimizing tobacco use in the Phillipines, while simultaneously raising revenue for a country-wide universal health care system. AWESOME.

The Gates Foundation Annual Letter


#gatefoundation, #phillipines, #tobaccokills


Thanks to our friends at Amazon and the geniuses (literally) at their Prime Air group, for inviting us to make their videos. And thanks to Jeremy Clarkson for being a real sport, and our lovely client KK for being so smart and freakishly dialed-in. And thanks Doug Hostetter and Doug Clark for making it look Rad. Has been a wild ride!



Okay, so we can't really talk about the project we're doing right now... (and have been doing for the past two months....) but here is a pre-production still. Matt with Production Manager Todd Glinsman.

Based on this photo, can you name the video that we're making?


"Grow Op", The Series. [official trailer]

Yes, it's true.
We're developing a show about the cannabis industry. A par-improvised mockumentary designed as Branded Entertainment, and to shine a big, fat, hilarious light on our wonderful city - with local music, icons and our town's finest actors: Todd J. Moore, Jen Taylor, Bahma Roget, John Q. Smith, Matt Smith and the ever-addictive Ramon Isao.
We're still going through the process of curating our advertising partners... here's a taste:

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FLASHBACK FRIDAY: "2LoonsForTea - Recordings At Roy St."

From a project we did a few years ago with our friends at Starbucks and the Roy St. Coffee and Tea house. Still LOVE this (very) little band, "2 Loons For Tea".  Thanks to Jonathan Kotchmer of 2 Loons, Arthur Rubinfeld at Starbucks and Major Cohen at Roy St. Oh, and crazy Donny Myers - for helping bringing it all together.

#starbucks #roystreet #2loonsfortea